Capture the adrenaline of exciting water sports on the shores of Lake Garda, an unforgettable experience of adventure and water fun

Windsurf, Wing foil, Sup

Windsurf, Wing foil, Sup

Incredible windsurfing scene on Lake Garda in Torbole, a paradise for water sports enthusiasts


Discover Torbole’s windsurfing paradise, where the consistent, reliable winds make it a haven for enthusiasts. Lake Garda boasts two prevailing winds, the Pelèr, a north-to-south breeze peaking at 20 knots until 11 a.m., and the Ora, variable in intensity (10 to 25 knots) from lunchtime into late afternoon.

At Residence Casa al Sole, our lakefront positioning ensures constant awareness of wind direction, perfect for spontaneous dives into the water!

Just steps away, renowned windsurfing schools await to assist beginners and enthusiasts alike, ready to elevate their skills against the stunning backdrop of Lake Garda.

Incredible wing foiling experience on Lake Garda in Torbole, a paradise for water sports enthusiasts

Wing Foil

Wing Foil, a globally popular watersport, has found its way to Torbole! This inflatable wing, held in your hand, harnesses the power of the wind for an exhilarating experience.

Embrace the opportunity to explore this emerging sport – we’re confident it will bring you great enjoyment! Conveniently located wing schools offer courses and equipment rentals, making it easy for you to delve into the thrill of wing foiling.

Ready to soar on the water?

Unforgettable Stand Up Paddle (SUP) session on Lake Garda in Torbole, perfect for water sports enthusiasts


Experience the serenity of the lake’s gentle waves as you balance on a SUP, offering you the chance to discover the shores of Torbole in the company of friends or on your own.

The key distinction between a SUP board and a traditional surfboard lies in size. A SUP board, often twice the dimensions of a standard windsurf board, provides enhanced stability.

Embrace the simplicity and joy of SUP—an activity accessible to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Dive into the tranquility of Torbole’s waters with this easily enjoyed watersport.